Who we are

Fern Valley is a stand-alone, medium sized company and part of a larger corporation, Cronos.

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Core Values

There are 5 values that especially stand out and characterize us. They are the foundation...

 About us


 Core Values
Who we are

Our business is to understand what drives your success! Fern Valley stands for high quality customer service and value-adding performance.

We have a clear focus on clinical research in pharmaceuticals, medical devices and biotech.

What we do

Connect with candidates, screen, select, recruit and outsource. Due to our large network, we're able to actively identify the most suitable candidate.  Our proactive approach ensures a continuing forward momentum and our ability to swiftly shift to a higher gear if needed.  Even before we are contacted by our clients we can rely on a large pool of CR professionals on stand by.  We know our potential candidates and how they can provide an answer to your specific needs.

How we do it

Our unique approach is a translation of the way we handle our people.  

  1. We recognize quality and we keep looking for that added value. 
  2. We strive to find the ideal solution in each situation and provide a platform for open discussions, adding to our transparency and high retention rate.  
  3. We're proud of our people and in turn they are proud to be a part of Fern Valley.

We gladly welcome candidates sharing our point of view and equally embody our values and mission.